Growing. Life Giving. Trees.

Welcome to TREES Church!  We love God and love people - but we sure don't love religion. We believe Jesus came to restore a RELATIONSHIP with his kids, you and me, not to start a RELIGION. Unfortunately, too many people have a bad definition of who God is or what church is suppose to be. Usually, that comes from a bad "Religious" experience. Websters Dictionary describes Religion as "An institutionalized system of beliefs, rules and regulations".  At TREES Church, we are NOT about an "Institutionalized system" of "rules and regulations".  Jesus didn't give his disciples a handbook full of rules and regulations, He only asked of them ONE thing - "Follow Me". What did Jesus tell the religious leaders when they tried to trick Him into telling them which of the Old Testament commandments was the greatest? He said the greatest command is to "Love God with all your heart", and if we do this, Jesus said, ALL of the rules and regulations are summed up in this ONE thing.

So, at TREES Church, we simply believe that if we just do what Jesus said, and "Follow Him", we will be filled with the abundant life of God as He fills us with His spirit, and all of the "Behaviors" that Religion is always trying to get us to do by its endless lists of rules and requirements, will take care of themselves. How? Exactly how Jesus said they would. He told the woman at the well if she would drink of HIS water, the living water of the Holy Spirit, the life of God would begin to bubble up and spring up out of her. What's the "life of God"? Abundant Life. It was that "OTHER" Tree in the Garden. The one they DIDN'T choose.  The Tree of LIFE.  When WE choose the Tree of LIFE, it produces the fruits of the Spirit- Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Goodness, Kindness, Self-Control. THESE are the things we need to live the life God has called us to live, but they don't come from us! And they sure don't come by someone standing in a pulpit and telling us to "Be a better person" or by telling us all the things we can and cannot do. If we could "DO" everything right, we wouldn't have needed Jesus to come and fulfill the requirements of the law for us so we could be saved and have a relationship with him by simply believing on him, and - you guessed it, "Following Him".

If you are sick of "Church" and "Religion", than we may just be the place for you! Come and visit one of our locations, and experience how freeing a life-giving relationship with God can really be once you get rid of the "Institutionalized" systems of dead religion. We can't wait to meet you!


Generational Ministries

At Covenant Church, we LOVE and BELIEVE in raising up the next generation!

RELENTLESS Youth Culture

Relentless is the youth culture of Covenant Church. We meet Sunday directly after service form 12:00-2:00.  Makes it easy for parents to grab lunch z& pick up all in one swing.  We've got our own youth band, cool games, friends and lots of Jesus. Come hang with us!


Tree House KIDS

At Trees Church, we are PASSIONATE about teaching children about a relationship with God that they can apply to whatever stage of life they are in. We have kids church during normal service times for infants through 5th grade. Our story based approach mixed with various art mediums, activities, and much more ensures that every child learns in a meaningful way to them.  

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