Congregation or Convoy?

I've had a weird week. I could go into detail, but I really don't need to bore you.  But one thing that has surprised me is how many christians are angry, yes, you heard me right, angry at our outreaches in Coldwater. I've been sent messages saying "You need to stay within your building, God's house, that were the saints meet. Coming into Coldwater to hang out with the people of the world is ungodly and sin"  Wait a minute, did I hear that right? Unfortunately yes, you heard it right. And whats worse is there has been PAGES more sent to me telling me how we have no business bringing the gospel into the Moose Lodge, hanging out with "those" kind of people, renting out buildings, and preaching a watered down gospel, the list goes on and on.

First of all lets set the record straight - I AM one of "those" kinds of people, I was the worst of the worst - way more than any of the awesome, nice people we meet at the Moose Lodge. Last time I read my Bible - Jesus told us to GO reach disciples, not to STAY and argue about who is and isn't doing church right. I continue to be too naive and believe that all believers in an area should be able to work together to bring the love of Jesus to their community, no matter what church "building" they attend. Because Biblically, the word "Church" in the bible has nothing to do with a building, it simply means believers gathered together- wherever that may be, even the Moose Lodge!

So here's my summary - Jesus NEVER called us to be a congregation that sits inside 4 walls and listens to a 40 minute sermon and goes on with our weeks like nothings different. God's message should CHANGE us, His Spirit inside us should CHANGE us, to where being inside the 4 walls is the highlight of the week where we celebrate with other believers what we've done for God DURING that week. We have NOT been called to be merely a Congregation - no, we have been called to be a CONVOY of HOPE to this lost and dieting world thats is SO full of hopelessness and void of purpose. Our job is to meet as a Congregation to get re-fueled and fired up to leave that place and GO into every environment we find ourselves in during the week and shine Gods light and His love. Period. Jesus already came and left. We're it. We're His answer - we're His only way to reach the lost -WE are HIS CONVOY of hope to this world, to your city, to your workplace. Be a part of a Congregation this week, yes, but more importantly when you leave, be the CONVOY that brings JESUS to everyone you encounter this week!